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What to Visit

Lachhur Jain Temple - Jamui
Situated atabout 8 km west of Simaria and 7 km south of Sikandra, this pilgrimage site has a large number of Jain temples and dharamshala built in 1874 by Rai Dhanpat Singh Bahadur of Murshidabad, for the benefit of Jain pilgrims, who visit some places in the adjacent hills.

Kundalpur- Nalanda
A beautiful Jaisalmer stone temple is situated close to the ruins of ancient Nalanda University at Kundalpur. This houses statues of Lord Mahavira, Adinath Swami and GautamG andharva. This place is believed to be the birth place of Gautam Gandharva, the firt disciple of Lord Mahavira. Anancient Jain temple is also here.