Shiv Shakti Circuit

Shiv Shakti Circuit

Mundeshwari Dham
The Mundeshwari Devi Temple (also spelled as Mundesvari) is located at Kaura in Kaimur district in the state of Bihar, India on the Mundeshwari Hills. It is an ancient temple dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and Shakti and is considered one of the oldest Hindu temples in India. It is also considered as the oldest functional Hindu temple of India. The inscription of an information plaque erected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) at the site indicates the dating of the temple to 108 AD. However, there are other versions for the dating stating the Saka era, prior to Gupta dynasty rule (320 AD) in India, and specifically to 105 AD according to the Administrator of the Bihar Religious Trust Board. The temple, a protected monument under ASI since 1915.

Baba Koteshwarnath Temple
Baba Koteshwarnath Temple (Baba Koteshwarnath Dham) is situated on the confluence of the river Morhar & Dargha in Gaya (Bihar) district, is famous for highly sacred Lord Shiva Temple. to be Shiv Nagar in ancient times. There is a reference that Sahastra Shiv Ling idol was established at the end of Dwapar Yuga. This Shiv Ling was established by Usha, daughter of King Vanasur of Sonitpur. It's a belief that a pilgrimage to this place is powerful enough to full fill all the wishes and desires of the one who comes here. Quite Evidently, Every year In the month of Saawan devotees throng this temple to offer prayers. It says that Vanasur's Main & DevKund was situated in a deep forest. Usha used to visit the temple to offer prayers during which Lord Shiva appeared & told her to establish a Sahashtra Linga to get her wish full filled. After that Usha established the Shiva Linga. In result of that Lord Shiva granted her wish and she got married with Aniruddha, grandson of Lord Krishna her husband with whom she went on to live her life. Usually all the holy places of Lord Shiva have large number of devotes coming all the year round but during the holy months of Saawan this increases. It is well connected through Pitch road from the sides of Makhdumpur, Shakurabad-Ghejan, Tekari and Bela Rampur.

Ashok Dham
Ashokdham Mandir also known as Indradamneshwar Mahadev Mandir is located in Lakhisarai district, Bihar. It is a temple complex having Indradamneshwar Mahadev Mandir in the center dedicated to the primary deity lord Shiva surrounded by three more temples dedicated to Goddess Parvati, mount of the Shiva Nandi and Goddess Durga.

Ajgaibnath Temple
Ajgaivinath Temple of Lord Shiva is located in Sultanganj, a town in Bhagalpur district of Bihar in India. Also known as Gaibinath Mahadeo, this is one of the rare ancient Hindu temples where the deity Lord Siva has existed as ‘Swayambhu’. Ajgaivinath Shiva Temple has been constructed on a rock which is projected out from the holy river Ganges. To reach here, there are boat services from Murli Hills of Sultanganj.

Shyama Mai Temple
Awide expanse with multiple temple structures greets you as the Ma Shyama temple in the Madheshwar campus at Darbhanga comes into view. The heavy rains have ensured the greenery is lush and the pathway rainwashed. An eerie feeling descends as it comes to light that this temple is indeed unique as it has been constructed on the chita (cremation spot) of the King of Darbhanga, Rameshwar Singh. In fact the whole temple campus is the cremation ground of the royal family with several other temples too alongwith the main Ma Shyama temple. This red coloured beautiful structure was built by Kameshwar Singh, son of Rameshwar Singh in 1933 AD. Situated near the campus of Lalit Narayana Mithila University, the sanctum of the main temple has an idol of Goddess Ma Shyama, or Ma Kali, a form of Shakti.

Singheshwar Asthan
Singheshwar is one of the administrative divisions of Madhepura district in the Indian state of Bihar. The block headquarters are located at a distance of 6 km from the district headquarters, namely, Madhepura. There's a temple of Lord Shiva. Devotees come from many places for puja. In month of Saavan Singheshwar is jam packed by people. People from Nepal also come for puja.

Aami Mandir considered as shakti peeth is a very ancient temple of Goddess Sati situated in Dighwara, India. According to legends, King Manan Singh was the king of Hathua. He considered himself to be the greatest devotee of Durga. Because of pride, they did not consider anyone to be a devotee of mother. In this state, there was a famine in the state and people started craving for food. Thaavu was a true devotee of the devout goddess mother in Thawe. According to the legend, Rahasu used to eat grass in the day with the grace of the mother and she used to get food from the night, due to which the people there started receiving food, but the king did not believe.

Thawe (थावे) or sometimes pronounced Thawen (थावें) is a medium-sized village in Gopalganj district of Indian state of Bihar. This village is a popular pilgrimage site for Hindu believers of the surrounding areas as it hosts a notable Devi temple Thawe Mandir. Thawe is located about 6 kilometers south-west from the district headquarters Gopalganj.

Mahendranath Temple
This temple is located at about 40 kms from Chhapra, Bihar. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva.

Shitla Mata Temple
Shitla Mata Mandir or Shitla Devi Mandir - temple Shitla Mata situated at Patna City, Patna, Bihar. This is place for worship of Mata Durga also known as shakti peeth of Maa Durga.

Chandi Asthan
Biratpur village under Sonebarsa block of Saharsa district is famous for an ancient temple of Goddess Chandi. This village is associated with King Birat of the Mahabharat age. It is said that the five pandavas with their wife Draupadi spent the period of agaytvas here. It is one of the important places in 51 Shakti peeth. Here it is also called Maa Sati's forehead was cut down. Therefore it is most viewable in 51 shakti peeths.

Matasyagandha Mandir / Rakta Kali temple is situated on the Matsyagandha street close to the area Jail in Saharsa is the radiant sanctuary of Matsyagandha which is prevalent all over Bihar state. The sanctuary is prevalently otherwise called the Rakta Kali sanctuary and 64-Yogini sanctuary which is built fit as a fiddle with 64 divinities (known as 64-Yogini) engraved on the sanctuaries inward dividers.

Mahishi Tara Temple
Ugratara Sthan, Mahishi, Saharsa is located around 17 Kms west of Saharsa station in Mahishi town. It is additionally called "Bashishtha Raghita Sri Ugra Tara Siddh Pith. In this old sanctuary, the icon of Bhagwati Tara is said to be exceptionally old and draws devotees from distant locations abroad. Maa Tara is known as "Mahashakti","Jagat Janani" of the world. On either side of the primary divinity, there are two minor female gods which are adored by the general population as Ekjata and Nil Saraswati.

Siddheshwar Nath
Shri Siddheshwari Nath Shiva Temple is one of the historic and renowned pilgrimages dedicated to Lord Shiva and his incredible incarnation- Shivlinga. It is positioned in New Colony Road very close to Garulpar in Saket Nagar, at Deoria. It has a great significance and hold a unique story narrated in Shiva Purana. Inside the main complex, Lord Shiva is worshipped along with his consort- Goddess Parvati.